Makeup Brushes For Beginners |Real Techniques Starter Set

Real Techniques Starter Set Review! 
Real Techniques has been out for a couple of years already and I love this company. They genuinely have great products for half the cost of higher end brands. I bought Real Technique Starter Brush Set in my local Walgreens and you can find this on amazon if your local drugstore doesn’t carry this particular set. 
 This kit comes with 5 brushes for the eyes, all your basic brushes for the eyes. It comes with a little stand up pouch, this is great for traveling or on the go if your running late. I get asked a lot what’s a good brush set for beginners? Well here it is, this set comes with 5 brushes.  
  1. Deluxe Crease Brush,  
  2. Base Shadow Brush,  
  3. Accent Brush,  
  4. Pixel Point Eyeliner  
  5. Brush, Brow Brush. 
The great part about these brushes are they really don’t fray. The quality is amazing, for drugstore price. I am can’t say this enough, if you are starting out and are confused with which brushes you need first, get this set, or any real technique set!


I love all the brushes, except the Deluxe Crease brush, I don’t use it for my crease but instead to blend out my concealer and corrector underneath my eyes and around my face. I will let you in on a little secret, there are no rule book for how to use certain brushes, the great part about beauty is that you make your own rules. So just because something might say crease brush, I don’t use it on my crease all the time, I will use maybe to blend out small blemish or highlight. You get my point, right?


The Base Shadow brush is supposed to be used for applying the eye shadow on the lid, but I don’t use it for that. I use it for blending out the shadow in my crease. 


The accent brush is perfect for the under eye, to apply detailed shadowing. I used to smudge my eyeliner under my eye and one top for that nice Smokey look. You can also use it to apply a soft brown as an eyeliner if you are not a fan of the blunt eyeliner look.


This pixel point eyeliner brush is my new favorite eyeliner brush! 
It is fine and very precise, I can really get that perfect liner wing tip.


This is a really great brow brush, perfect for filling in the brows or even using it as an eyeliner brush. 


This Real Technique Brush Starter Kit retails for $13.99. When I originally bought it the retail price was $17.99 and now the price has dropped, so here is your chance to buy it for a lower price. 
Let me know whats your starting makeup brushes?


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