Loreal Manga Mascara Review! Love or hate!

Review on the Loreal Manga Mascara!
I love the color scheme and the pop of color!
When I saw this mascara on the television I wasn’t all to thrilled about it and then when I saw a lot of beauty gurus raving this product i thought i would give it a go! and so I did.
I bought this at walgreens for $7.99! And it was the last one in stock!

lets talk about the design! The little bendable wand is suppose to make it easier for you to remove mascara of the wand before application and is suppose to bend while being applied.
In my experience with this product that the bendable part is totally useless for me, just makes it harder to apply on the lashes. The wand itself is not my favorite, the thicker part i like but towards the end the combs seam to disappear into a stick! I just don’t get that part and it makes it harder for me to apply on my bottom lashes.

You can see here on the bottom picture that at the tip there is no actual wand spikes on the tip!

My nude lashes!
Did a simple nude look for this demonstration!
With one coat!
You can already see that it really makes my eyelashes alive!
(I love the spidery lashes!)
Two coats!!!
By the time I did the second coat, there was a lot of clumping, but i separated the clumps with a little comb for the eyebrows.
 Now three coats!!!
Now you can see my eyelashes are like vavavoom!
Really defined and i can say it was a lot easier to get the little lashes in the corners but you really do have to wipe away a lot of mascara or you will have panda eyes!


Overall it does have a good formula I think you just have to get used to the wand itself; after a while i got used to it. You do have to take off a lot of mascara before applying it to your actual lashes or false lashes because it will clump up your lashes horribly. I am not a fan of clumpy lashes so if I do have clumpy lashes i take a clean spooly or eyelash comb and separate them,.
towards the end of the day i have noticed that the mascara seamed to crumble off and have little dried mascara clumps under my eyes which was a total fail!. The mascara does seem to come off quite easy with a little bit of warm water or any makeup remover.
I love the overall idea and how they are suppose to give you very big lashes!!!!
If you do already have this product and love it then kudos to you but I wouldn’t really repurchase this product again! Sadly! I love the idea and the attempt!!!

Tell me your opinion on this product if you love it or hate it!

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