Dooney and Bourke Lexington shopper croco Bag review!

Hey guys I am blogging about the Dooney and Bourke Lexington Croco Shopper Bag!
Wow, thats a long name for a bag but lets me just tell you all this bag, It is perfection I tell you, well at least for me. A big thanks for my man for getting me this gift, love you.
He bought this bag in the Venacain in Las vegas while on business tour; there where several options from style to color. I wanted something with structure and most of all a vibrant color. These has been attached to my hip from the minute it arrived home, a vibrant statement piece for the summer. 
It has several Pockets on the inside, one side has a double zipper, and I feel like you have to wear this bag for a good week to break into it and have it work with you. One thing I really love about this bag even though it might not look like it has a lot of room it actually does! I stuffed two pairs of flip flops!!! A water bottle, two small books and much more as you can see in the pictures!
The bottom has four semi golden buttons that help the bag stand up and prevent the floor from touching the actual leather! Another big detail that I love about this bag is that is doesn’t flop over every time you put it down. A lot of bags are like that but this bag stands up and keeps everything in its place inside of the bag.
It has two exterior vertical pockets that i put my keys and phone into and other stuff that I can stuff dow when my son is crying and I am running out the door. 
Its made out of real calf skin,  brick like texture on the outside and on the inside is lined with red cotton fabric. It has golden zippers and detailing that add that little vavavvoom!  You can see all the little detailing in the pictures after this whole monologue!
You guys can purchase this product (That I am not affiliated with!) on I provided you guys with the link! <<<




















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