Just Fab to Just Drab!

Lets have a little blogging chat about Justfab.com, after 2 month of being signed up to their memebeship program to get everything for only 40$ I noticed an additional 39$ per month charge. The site is totally not worth it, apparently I found out that for VIP membership is 39$ a month! And the only way you can purchase the 40$ deals for any shoes is through the VIP membership, so it wasn’t worth it. I am not going to be buying shoes every month or accessories and bags. I am not that obsessed with fashion I have a little baby to dress fashionably. Some websites definitely know how to get money out of their costumers….. The shoesthat I loved so much ended up expanding so now they are wide on me! Tears are coming down my face, (not really) but its a bummer. And the bag could of been better after using it for  a whole month, I wont complain about the bag to much because I did use it with alot of satisfaction for my sons daipers, bottles and my stuff of course; it was my new diaper bag. Basically summing this all up my amazing experience with just fab was just drab! 

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