Clean and Clear Morning burst! Review!

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Review. 
I have been using the Clean and Clear Morning Burst for almost two months and I am hooked on it! This cleanser is not only for the morning, its for the afternoon, late noon, midnight, whenever.  This product takes off all of my makeup and wake up your face, giving it a fresh and radiant feeling. It comes with a little pump which is very convenient and the bottle is see through plastic so you know how much you have left before you run out. I use this product at night when I’m to lazy to start wiping my whole face with a little cotton pad and makeup remover so I just wash the makeup off this way. I absolutely adore washing my face with this cleanser in the morning, it gives boost to wake me up from my slumber. It contains Caffeine, lemon and papaya, so it will make anyone feel more awake after one wash. A bottle will last me about 4 to 5 months and you only need one to two pumps to wash the face. I mostly use this in the mornings and one pump will do it for me. I did buy this in my local walgreens, any drugstore should carry this product. 
What is your favorite Cleanser to use?

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