Revlon Color stay concealer review: FAIL

Today’s Blog will be about a concealer which I have been reviewing for the past two weeks to give a fair go. This is the Revlon Color stay concealer, I bought it in Rite Aid because I was running out of my current concealer the Maybillene instant age rewind! Which is kind of amazing!
Back to Revlon, I wouldn’t call this the best concealer and I am not saying this lightly.
The color I chose was 03 Light Medium, which to my knowledge is the lightest concealer they have 

Lets start of with what I do like about this product.
1. It stays very well under the eye and conceal’s blemish’s and dark spots on my face.
2. It does stay for 4 to 5 hours before my under eye bags start to reappear again.
3. It isn’t to thick or to thin so blending isn’t a problem for me.
4. The wand is very durable and is quite thick! Which is a plus for me!

Now lets see why I don’t like this product that much!

1. The colors variations are very limited, i think up to 4 colors
2. I bought the lightest color and It didn’t match my pale face. The shade isn’t right, under my eyes is slightly darker, when I conceal other part of my face it looks like I have yellow spots!
3. It is very yellow based, so if your more pink based don’t think twice about purchasing this product
3. When I do apply to a part of the face that isn’t under my eye the color seems to stand out like crazy and only will look normal when I apply foundation to conceal the concealer if that makes sense. Without my foundations it will look like a yellow streak of something attacked my face.
4. The most irritating part of this product is that it creases underneath my eye. I tried everything, priming under my eye, applying powder on top and it still will crease and will make me look no bueno!
5. Don’t take my word for this but it has a tingling sensation when I apply it under my eye! I think I might have sensitive under eyes and some concealers do tend to have this effect and I am not to pleased with it.

(Please don’t mind my crazy ungroomed eyebrows! Trying to grow them out!!!)
You can see the difference when I do and don’t have concealer under my eye and it blends out pretty smoothly but after 30 minutes it will have crease lines under my eye sadly. You can also see how yellow based it is!

So, would I repurchase this product? Not really! I would stick to other concealers like maybelline instant age rewind concealer.

  What do you guys think of this concealer? Did it crease under your eye or was it just my eyes? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know your opinions!

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