Just Fab Shoes Acasia

Hey everyone, lets do a Justfab shoe review!!!!!! 
Justfab shoes didn’t really have that much options for flats so I chose the most prettiest and stylish ones, (According to my style) and hoped they would be the right fit. The shoes came within 4 to 5 business days and look really nice on me. I ordered two pairs for the summer and the other pair was a flats. Why mainly flats? Because I am almost 5’8 and have horrible balance, so I don’t want to endanger myself anymore then I a already naturally.
The first pair goes by the name of Acasia on their website and to be 100% honest they were was so comfortable, I tried them out for a full day and they of course they did leave with me a little blister on the back of my foot but I was expecting much worse . When I buy shoes it takes for me about two weeks o break into them then I can wear them effortlessly and without any pain. I walked about mile in these shoes they are comfortable and very stylish. 
I think this may be the same snake skin design on my bag! 
It has a little tiny 1/2 ” block heal, not enough to give you height but  enough to give you the right balance. My favorite part of this shoe is the dazzled bow on the front; the top stitching on the top of the shoes add’s that little cute detailing and the look all together is really nice and classy. I  just love the pointy shoe style going on now!   Makes the leg look more feminine. 
I order this in a size 8.5, my feet grew after giving birth, I was a 7.5!! So now I have to opt for a size larger. It runs true to size and doesn’t have any sharp edges that can cut you easily.
It didn’t bend my toes nor did I have to shove my toes in to make it fit so I would say these shoe products are really good quality. ( for now)..

I provided you guys all with the link were you can purchase them from
I am not affiliated with this website.. Just want to show everyone were u can purchase them!
The shoe company itself is just fab and I hope they last me a long time, unlike some shoes that fall apart within two months!
Did you guys ever order from Justfab.com?
What were you experiences, good or bad? Tell me your opinion on these shoes!

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