Azerbaijani sweets, Baklava and Shekerbura

 I was born In Baku, Azerbaijan in 1992 and my family moved to America in Jun 1993! I don’t really have any recollection about the place but the traditions never let our home. One of the traditions that I love is the sweets! There are so many and I love all of them, reminds me of my lovley childhood! Every family gather they Sweet Table as they call it would be full of sweets and every Azerbaijani sweet known to man! A sweet table also in russain known as Сладкий стол. 
My grandfather passed August 2013 and in April in Azerbaijan they have a tradition to bake the deceased called Novruz. So we all came over my Grandmothers house and we started baking!
Here you see her working her artist skills into this delicious sweet called Shekerbura you pronounce it Sheh-care-boo-ra. Some of these things may be hard to pronounce, Its dough with grounded nuts and butter inside. Then you take tweezers and you pinch then top layer in a certain way which creates this beautiful decorative design. I have found a blogger who shows step by step on how to create this delicious sweet. 

 What you see here on bottom is Pahlava!, you pronounce it like Pahh-laa-vaa, if that makes sense.  Most people know it as Baklava, but i just like saying it with a P better then a B, sounds more authentic. Pahlava is grounded nuts, butter, whole almonds and a certain type of dough which goes on bottom and top.  It is eaten after a meal or just as a sweet with tea. 
Now you can also find the recipe to this from 
She has Azerbaijani sweets on her blog as I have mention before and you can find much more recipes on her blog!

Who else is from Azerbaijan? Tell me what you guys think of these deserts and sweets?
Even if you are not from baku, other cultures might have the same traditions and sweets!!
If you are new to this type of thing tell me your opinion on it! I would love to read it!

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