Just Fab Bag Review!!!!

So this is my first order from Just fab!
Just Fab did not send me anything! All purchases are mine!
Reviews are 100% Honest!
As people have seen on television just fab gives you shoes and other fashion according to your style, you take a little survey and they provide you with shoes or other things you are looking for.  I ordered two shoes, buy one get one free with your first purchase!
And a bag to go along of course, I will be talking about the bag in this blog and the shoes in the next up coming blog! I need to test the shoes out first! But this is a un-boxing first impression!Here are the pictures! The bag is called East End, and comes in several colors, I chose white because I love the gold accents against the white and the fake snake skin inside the outer pockets. The inside is blue and has 3 pockets and is very spacious!

I love the bag! So functional and big! Perfect for a person who loves to stuff her bag with endless items, baby bottles, 34 oz bottles, diapers, pads, papers, pens, books, lipsticks, eyeliner, baby clothing and much more! ha-ha I was always like this.
Very big and spacious, just what i was looking for! It comes with an extra strap, which I love because I love putting bags over my shoulder, it includes 3 outer pockets. One main pocket on the other side with a zipper. The design is unique but i wouldn’t store my keys or money their because it isn’t the type of pocket to secure your personal belongings. 
I bought it for $39.00, and I go on the website today and see it on sale for $14.95! More then half off!! Bummer for me!, great for you guys because I get it for an amazing price and I payed full!!
Oh well that’s life! lol
Get it on sale before it ends!!

I provided you guys with justfab websites but I am not affiliated with them!
If you do want to piurchase this bag or see more options just click on the clearance links!

This bag really is a keeper and just fab is an amazing website!
What do you guys think of this? have you had a good or bad experience with just fab?

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