Claudalie Beauty Elixir Review

Once upon a time my sister and I were at Sephora, having to much fun and she decided to spray this elixir in my face, without my consent.. lol and she was telling me the whole day that I look different but she can’t pin point it! She kept on telling me its cause of this beauty elixir! You have to purchase it!  I eventually forgot about it and moved on with my lovely life.

 After that day I have been wanting to buy this beauty elixir for the longest time but didn’t really care for it.
As I am slowly learning more about beauty, i thought to my self why not? I see on YouTube, instagram, twitter and everywhere else people raving about this product so I finally decided why shouldn’t i treat myself once in a while to something that will make me feel good about myself!  I purchased the 30 ml just to see how much I will love it! and I do
After all being a Mommy sometimes leaves me feeling so tired and done by the time its 9′ o clock. So when I do decide to glam myself up I use this elixir! and boy o boy this product really makes my face looks so much fresher and rejuvenated! It says it will leave you with a glowing complexion and it really does! You can spray it on your bare face or do what I do, just spray it on your face, it will act like a setting spray and will leave you so refreshed! This beauty elixir does wonder for my face, it wont necessarily give me face lift but it will give my face this amazing glow!. 

It doesn’t really contained any harsh chemicals to harm the face, so its pretty safe.  FYI if you do have dry skin this might irritate it, or if you have rashes on your skin it might be not to pleasant for the face because of this mint in the ingredients. 

The Ingredients are Grape, Orange Blossom, Rose, Balm mint, Rosemary, 


Here are two links where you can purchase this product!


“Once upon a time, there was a book of spells found on the banks of the Seine, in Paris. Doctor Hertzog, who was renowned for his mesotherapy treatments, found a recipe in it for the youth elixir used by Queen Isabella of Hungary in the 17th century. It is said that she charmed the king of Poland, thirty-five years her junior, with her radiant complexion. The dermatologist entrusted his discovery to Mathilde Thomas, who was just launching Caudalie. In 1996, Beauty Elixir was born. And what is the recipe for this versatile natural cocktail? Benzoin to soothe the skin, myrrh to renew, rosemary essential oil to purify, lemon balm to calm and peppermint to stimulate, along with orange blossom to soften, rose for radiance and, of course, moisturizing grape pulp extract, Caudalie’s signature ingredient.”

“Inspired by the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, Caudalie Beauty Elixir smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance. An excellent base for make-up, this water awakens the skin in the morning and livens it up before a night out. Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a favourite of Victoria Beckham’s – she uses it on top of her make-up for a glowing complexion! For all skins lacking radiance. Caudalie Beauty Elixir is an exceptional anti-dull complexion treatment and a wonderful after-shave for men. Directions for use: Shake before use. Avoid contact with the eyes. Mist onto the face before your moisturizer and at any time of the day. Apply between your foundation and powder to perfectly set make-up.”

So tell me your opinion on this product! If you like it, why or why not?
Thanks for checking out my blog!

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