Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick: Show Girl

This is the Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Called Show girl

You can Purchase them on Beautybar.com, Ulta.com or Loraccosmetics.com. I am not affiliated with these websites, I just want to offer everyone the website that does carry Lorac. For some odd reason Sephora doesn’t carry Lorac. ( Tears!) But no worries the you can find them in other places such as the links I provided you with.

This Lipstick is ultra pigmented and this color last for hours! It doesn’t come off so easily. After eating, drink, kissing my son, my lips are still filled with this amazing color. It is a matte lipstick, so if you want that shine just add a little bit of lip gloss and you will have those seductive lips. And It is crazy creamy and smells like Cream Puffs! Yum! Who doesn’t want a sweet smelling lipstick
This color does rub off though, it isn’t smudge proof but the lipstick is still strong enough it wont leave you with nude gaps in on the lips. It does leaves a stain on your lips when the product does come off; my personal experience with this lipstick is that it left a stain till the next morning ( Which I didn’t mind of course) My lips had a bitten type of look to it and i didn’t mind! (Lol) I bought this for $16.00 and the amount you pay really is worth it. This lipstick comes in 20 different colors! The color I have on is Show Girl (Watermelon). Now on my lips they give off a blue tint, it just depends on lighting. The reason why the swatch on my wrist is different tint is because of the lighting, The lips I took on a cloudy day and on my wrist the sun was out.



If you have purchased this lipstick, share you experience with me! If you do like it or don’t like!
Why or why not! And what is the hottest and newest product out there you would like me to review!!

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