Neutrogena Compact Cream Foundation Review

 This might be my to-go foundation for the hot and humid summer days. The formulation is light and creamy perfect for the summer. I never really used a cream foundation so using this for the first I didn’t know how to feel about this, did I love it, hate it or was I nutral about it.  After several uses, I was hooked using this up to everyday until I ran out and now repurchased a second. The perfect light and airy foundation, with other foundations my face feels heavy during the summer and I instantly feel the need to take my makeup off. It does have a light to medium coverage which is the perfect consistency.  
It also comes with SPF 55 which is very good considering that is more a summer foundation for my skin. The color I use is Natural Ivory 20, considering that they didn’t have to many color options at my rite aid and I am a very light color so I just picked something that was close enough to my skin color. It comes with a sponge, which i didn’t like using I just used my Real techniques foundation brush. ( I will do a review on that later) and it gives it a flawless look! 
Neutrogena Compact Foundation– You can purchase it for $13.99, Rite Aid usually has amazing sales like 40% off so head on over and get this product for half off!

Whats your favorite foundation during the hot summer months?

2 thoughts on “Neutrogena Compact Cream Foundation Review

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