Laura Mercier Highlighter 01 Golden Nude-Review

Laura Mercier!

   Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact 

Can you believe it that I never owned a highlighter, I am still shocked to this day. When I walked into Sephora I new I was on a mission to find a decent highlighter, not to bright but not too soft. I started talking to one of the employees and she showed me several highlighters. I had my eye on the hourglass highlighter but wanted to see more options. After trying out a few swatch’s I was aiming to get the hourglass until the worker showed me the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Highlighter.. 
This was exactly what I had in mind, since it being my first highlighter and all I didn’t want to go over board with my shine. This is the natural glow I wanted, on the cooler toned side and finely milled. Other highlights that I have swatched have a grittier and chunky texture, that wasn’t what I was going for. You lightly swipe across the highlighter with the fan brush and tap it slightly to remove any excess and the apply. After I apply this on my face its as if the glow goddess has kissed me with radiance—not really but you get what I am trying to portray. I can say I did a pretty good job picking out my first highlighter, and can’t wait to see what other’s I will get soon!
Laura Mercier– The price is $36, the shade I got was Highlight 01- Golden Nude. 
What was your first highlighter and what was your experience with it?


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