Urband Decay Primer Potion Review- 2017 Update

Urban Decay Cosmetics is one of the best companies out there, they have primers, lipsticks, foundations, concealers and etc... The product I want to rave about in todays blogpost is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for the eyes. There is a reason why a lot of makeup artist carry this in their cases, it is  super glue for the eyeshadows I had the mini sample I bought in Sephora and decide to get the full version. I like to stay safe when it comes to testing out product’s so I always get the sample version and see how well it works, well that’s what I did with this and bought the fullsized one. I am almost out; this product helps ensure that the eyeshadows stay on the eyelids and prevents eyelid creasing. The formulation has a smooth consistency and glides on velvety; dries down to a transparent finish which is great to work with if you like to work on your skin tone when blending colors. It comes out through a needle-nose tip as opposed to the new packaging that comes with a wand.

Photos taken off website and edited by me for this photo. 
It retails for $22; you can get it at Sephora.com. I have noticed that they changed up the packaging by including a wand and redesigning the exterior. Also adding 5 new shades– Original, Anti Aging, Minor Sin, Eden, Enigma, Caffeine, Free Base, each shade provides a different purpose, as stated on the swatches. Companies constantly update products that sell well for better sales. I love the new design, especially the crystal like head, looks very witch crafty.

What is your favorite primer, let me know in the comments below.

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