Revlon Colorburst yay or nay?

Today I am doing a review on Revlon ColorBurst Lip glosses. I bought two shades and tested them out for about a week or 2 weeks. What was i testing out exactly? the texture, smoothness, depth of color and how long they lasted on me. Lets start of with the positive and the negatives about this product. The color isn’t as vibrant as it is in the tube when you apply it right away. In the pictures I number the lips 1,2 and 3 and I put on the lip gloss Strawberry Fraiser. It has a hint of sparkle and is more blue based; number 1 is the first application and it isn’t so strong like it is in the tube it gives a more soft reddish pink color. Once you apply a second application it because more stronger of a color and then the third application makes it more like the color in the tube. One thing I really dislike about this product is the Wand!! It is horrible! It makes it very hard to apply the lip gloss and to much makes it look gloppy. 
The Bellini Lipgloss is a nude beige color and gave a soft look and definitely didn’t have the same color on the lips then it did in the tube. When applying I noticed there wasn’t really even coverage and In the third application the lips as you can see became very gloppy. I applied three coats of this product each time and with the Bellini color it didn’t really make it that much darker. Just stayed the same color but added a little more of the color and that’s it. I wouldn’t really repurchase this product again and out of the two I like Strawberry Fraiser,  but when I apply it without and foundation on my face and around my mouth it washes me out and makes me look even more paler then I really am. So that why this product is a 5 rating. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. Definitely wont be repurchasing it!. But for someone who wants a soft pink and nude lip this will do. I was looking for more a bolder color, like the colors in the tubes. I bought this for 7.99 each at walgreens!

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