Almay Smart Shade Balance Pressed Powder Review

 I was looking for a more affordable face powder at the drugstore aka Rite Aid and there is so much to talk about this product today, Ill start of with the positive…….
Well I can’t say anything about this product that I liked sadly. The only good thing is that it do’s keep the foundation in place but not for to long. Lets just say I wouldn’t purchase this product again, it suppose to be a smart shade balance powder and it is not. ( At least for me). I tested out this product for about 1 month and every time this product was applied to my face it left a white powder all over my face. It says to blend into your skin and it didn’t sadly. It doesn’t blend into my skin when I apply it onto my skin. It just leaves a white finish, which is kind of annoying!.  It comes in three different shades, I bought the lightest one because i am very pale, shade 010 light/pale. It comes with a little brush that I had disposed of in the beginning because I never really found those brushes to useful and used my sephora kabuki brush. This product over all was a complete fail. The price I paid was $13.99 which was a waste of money, but you live and learn. Overall this product didn’t suite me well at all, it didn’t do what it said it was suppose to do and just sits quietly in my makeup drawer. So till next time!, tell me your view on this product!, did you like it? Did it actually make a difference on your skin?

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