Dior Lipstick Review

Rouge Dior Nude 263 Swan
This lipstick is so silky smooth and a beautiful color!! You can feel a tingling sensation once you apply the lipstick and it smooths out the cracks and moisturizes the lip. I bought this in Macy’s for $35.00 plus tax which came out to $37.00. This is a more of a pricey lipstick but it is worth it, it last quite a long time and even though the lipstick has come off my lips are renewed and fresh until I reapply. It doesn’t give you that thick lipstick or that goop lip but just the perfect amount of coverage. I didn’t apply any lipliner so it isn’t as bold of a color if I had applied liner. You can see the swatch is more of darker color on my wrist then it is on my lips. On my lips its more of a softer pink but on my wrist it has a purple undertone. This is more of a luxurious Lipstick so if bought use it wisely and not everyday! If you have purchased this product let me know what your thought on it are and how it benefited from it.  
You can Purchase this lipstick by clicking on this link! Christian Dior Nude Rouge


My Lips before I applied any lipstick.
Some people like to apply a foundation or concealer before applying any type of lipstick to make the color stand out more but since this is a more moisturizing lipstick I just applied it to my naked lip.



And this is how my lips look after wards!
This is a color swatch against my wrist and you can see how the color is much more bolder on the wrist and actual bullet itself but it all depends on the color of the actual lip itself.

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