Dior Blush — Review

 Dior is one of the most Iconic makeup brands to this day, I decided to give a little bit of input on what my personal thoughts are. This Dior Blush from the Trianon Edition, vibrant colour powder blush in the color “Corail Bagatel”. This blush is simply amazing–what you see is what you get.  The color is may come off more vibrant then when you apply it,  a little goes a long way.

The design is different from what it usually is, notice the little bow? – So cute.
The brush doesn’t require digging into it to much to get the product out, with this one swipe and its loaded with color. This particular color is in favor of the more fair skinned woman, but don’t get your hopes up now there are more shades. 

I love the smell I just wish they could of done a better job on the eye shadow palette. But you win some you loose some! Here are some pictures hope you enjoyed this review! I would definitely recommend this blush, the price retails for $43.00, which is definitely worth the price! I would give this a 9 out of 10!!. So if your looking for that high end blush which won’t disappoint you go ahead and purchase this.

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