Revlon Photoready Primer Review

Revlon Photoready Primer Review!
I walked into a CVS looking at the makeup and came across this product and thought I would give it a try. I was also on the look out for a good drugstore primer and had heard good and bad reviews on this one from certain youtube gurus and I decided to try it out for myself and bought it. The price was 11$ and change. It isn’t cheap but also not expensive so it won’t break your wallet.
After trying out this primer for a couple of days I notices a lot of cons and pros about this product. 
  • It gives you a good amount of product for the price you pay
  • It has a very unpleasant scent and not something you would like putting on your face.
  • It is very thick on the face and not something you would want to wear in the summer, maybe the winter can say this is not my favorite product.
  • When on the face it feels heavy and weighs down the face when foundation and other makeup products are applied
  • Has a pump!
  • Does not correct the colors on my face! Ahha no beuno!
I do use this for eye primer sometimes when I can’t find my eyeprimer. I can say it does a good job but on the face I see that it leaves it very oily and thick. No body likes a heavy and thick face!
So overall I would give this a 4 out of 10!!
Sorry Revlon you did a good job but not that good!

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