Anastasia Eyebrow Wiz Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Wiz

When I was younger my brow’s where quite thick, but I never liked it. In fact I hated my eyebrows, always wanting to pluck them out. When I did get the chance I went over board and plucked them until it was a thin line. Well let me tell you, what was going on in my head at that time, I have no idea. Fast forward to my 20’s all I am struggling to grow out my brows. Oh the struggle is real, then one day a lovely sales representative introduced me to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz . He ever so gently filled them in, I couldn’t believe my eyebrows where symmetric; was I living underneath a rock? what took me so long to find out about this product!

A couple of things I learnt about the brow wiz, be light handed you don’t want to over draw your eyebrows, just fill in spars areas. If you mess up, fear not my friend there is a spool on the other end which; if used correctly; can disperse the product helping the brow look more natural. And to think I used to color in my eyebrows with a eyeshadow that didn’t even match my hair color–such an embarrassment 

How To-

1) Clean your eyebrows up, trim, wax and tweeze

2) Star drawing a thin line from underneath the eyebrow and continue till the arch.
Keep on filling it in, it depends on you, whether you want that thick eyebrow look or just want to shape and redefine it.

3)Take the spool at the other end and start brushing upwards at the begging of the eyebrow and if you over drew any part brush that part out, but make sure you don’t brush the area which is doesn’t have any hair, it will brush it away.

What is your favorite eyebrow product?

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