Creme De Couture Palette by Sigma Beauty Review

If you love pastel colors, you are going to love the Crème De Couture Palette from Sigma Beauty. The minute the Creme de Couture palette came out I instantly purchased it. I was quite excited because this was my first sigma product I had ever bought so my expectations where pretty high, especially since watching multiple reviews on youtube talking about how amazing this palette is. Their inspiration for this palette was very cute and chic, macaroons.

How delicious does that sound? There are 16 shades in the palette and 3 blushes that came with the set. I didn’t have a chance to post about the blushes but they are just as amazing as the eyeshadows. When I had originally posted this blogpost, it was in February,1st,2014 fast forward to Oct 2017 they have released this palette and redesigned their packing to be more sleeker and slimmer. So, the photos will have different packing.
 Photo off Sigma’s Website 
Photo off google.


When I did receive this palette, it was everything I imagine and more, the shadows are highly pigmented the formulation is amazing. To the touch it feels velvety smooth, slight fall out, intense pigmentationI must warn you, apply a primer before because these colors will fade away. As you can see in the photo I had such a hard time trying to make the green shadows to stick onto my lid. At first I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand that you need primer with these shadows or they will fade away with blending, not to much but it will fade. Also I haven’t been using the proper makeup brushes, which make the biggest difference, because my blending was completely off. Then when I did discover primers I truly started enjoy this palette; it’s versatile, from the soft brown to the vibrant yellows, you can create about any look; best part is they are all matte. The shades I used to create this look was Lavender Honey in the creases as a transition shadesGently adding Cassis on top to gradually build up the intensity of the shadows, right after going in with Elderberry to finish off the crease. Elderberry is such a gorgeous and rich deep purple shadow, one of my favorite shadows in the palette. That’s how I got that deep purple cut crease; on the lid I wanted to go more with a green theme and added Citron Pistachio with Almond Pear on the lid. 


 I will be recreating several more looks for this palette because Sigma has relaunched this palette; exciting I know. So, I will be coming back to the particular blogpost and posting up more eye looks with this palette. You can purchase this palette now at 
What is your favorite eyeshadow palette, let me know in the comments below.

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