Maybelline Concealer review: Fit me concealer

This post is a review on Maybelline fit me concealer!! I personally happen to love Maybelline products, they have good quality makeup for an affordable price.
I’ve tried quite a few drugstore concealers and had began using Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer for the past 3 months and was in love!.
Until my sister had told me about the Fit Me Concealer, so I went out, bought it and realized, wow this concealer is pretty damn goood . This product is amazing, in a way it highlights and hides imperfections at the same time. 
I have been using this concealer for the past month and I am loving it!, although one minus is that the stick, when dried out can be a little bit irritating on the skin.
I use the number 15 because it best conceals my dark circles and red spots without being to dark or to light for my face.
Here are the step I used to put on the concealer.
1.On the top Right is a fresh primed eye
2.On the top Left I dabbed the concealer around my undereye
3.On the bottom right I blended it out with my ring finer, (the ring finger is the most gentle finger)
4. And wallah, my concealed eye from drab to fab!

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