Art Institute College Experience

Its almost been two years since I got accepted into the
Art Institute of New York.
Its been one heck of a journey because its only an Associates degree so that is two years worth of college but getting so much done in such little time is crazy. Although having friends who were from Parson, Sva and other fashion oriented colleges, they tell me this isn’t as hard as other ones. So I can’t complain but someone who had no clue about fashion and then started to learn all these new things, such as learning how to sew, learning pattern making, which in my humble opinion was the hardest to do when I first started off, but now is a piece of cake. and last but not least creating garments and coming up with inspiration. I had seen and still am seeing from a lot of students that they think when they come into fashion design they will become the next Dior, Chanel, Versace, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and much more high end famous designers right away. Well that might be a dream, which in reality can come true, but one thing most people forget is the importance of hard work and dedication of what it takes to be a designer. I started in July of 2011 and I almost about to graduate!
Starting of was quite a journey not knowing anyone and being around people who dress a lot better and have much more experience. One big lesson that I learnt is never flaunt on how good you are with what you do, well that’s in my humble opinion. You never know what life will throw at you and all of a sudden your failing and can’t come to completing certain classes. You have to be neat and very organized which took me a long time to understand that. Especially when it came to pattern making, people need to understand the pattern’s and if they don’t your in big trouble. Even for yourself, a lot of times I have designed this amazing pattern piece with the idea of this beautiful Garment and in the end comes out looking not the way I expected it to! Because of my sloppy pattern pieces. One tool which drove me crazy was the notcher!!! I cannot stand that hole punching tool! My teachers would drive me crazy and vice versa if my pattern’s didn’t have notches. Now some of you are probably thinking what in the world is a notcher? Well that is clever tool or hole puncher used to punch little U shaped holes to indicate where a seam would be. It is definitely very important because when having someone else do your pattern’s they wouldn’t know how big the seam allowance would be if it wasn’t for the notch itself.
So every little thing some teachers might nag you about even if you think it is the stupid’s thing in the world make sense after a while.
My favorite experience in college was definitely having friends around you to influence you in everything you do. A lot of times seeing there creations would inspire me to do better and be much better person in everything I do!
Here are some picture’s of my designs ..

A mood Board I had created

 Another  Inspiration or Mood Board

A Vogue Bambini Cover I designed

Spec Sheet! sorry you have to turn your head to check this one out.
My crazy creation!

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