Too Faced Eyeliner Purchase That I Regret!

I never knew that such a distinguished company can sell such a horrible eyeliner. As cruel and mean as that sounds, it’s the truth. I usually don’t make post about products I dislike but this really made its way to the annoyingly regretful purchases. It all started two weeks ago was I was in Macy’s and decided to buy a colored eyeliner. Of course there are hundreds of products to choose, nothing really stood out like this color from the Too Faced Brand. The color was just magnificent and gorgeous—it compliments almost every eye color– beautiful Greenish, Bluish hue with slight metallic sheen to it.  I bought it for $19; worst $19 spent. I didn’t try it on in the store because I didn’t want an eye infection from the testers so I just swatched it. When I first tried it on, it made my eyes pop, since I have green eyes it made them look brighter and filled with  vibrant colors. A couple of hours later, the shmeering started, I had green under eyes. I try to conceal them not to add more color to them, it was not a pretty sight. The worst part of it is not waterproof, oh the lies! 
It was even worse when I sharpened it, the tip kept on breaking! It would take me 3 tries before i could normally apply it on my eyes, just a mess! I do not use this eyeliner, only when I feel courageous enough and in desperate need of a good blue/green color. Which thankfully I have other eyeliners that work better!

What was your makeup purchase regret?

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