Maybelline Vs Revlon Concealer?

Revlon Photoready
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Both give good coverage, but hands down maybelline wins!! . I purchased Revlon Photoready concealer because I have hear good reviews on this product. My makeup collection keeps on growing, and I realized where are my concealers? Need to purchase and upgrade now! So I went to the store and bought it, but when i came home to test it out it I wasn’t to impressed. The texture isn’t smooth, very thick formula and leaves a cakey finish. Since I do have dry skin, this probably made it worse. This would be better for more normal/oily skin, my sister has more oily skins and likes this product much better then I do. Basically long story short, this product didn’t do to well for me & I will not be repurchasing. A couple of days passed by and I saw my sister at Walgreen’s and told her about my concealer and she told me to buy Maybelline, explaining to me that it was an amazing concealer and had to buy it. So i decided why not? Can’t get worse then the one I have, so i bought it, trying to make sure that it matches up to my skin tone. When I came home I immediately tested it out, it took a minute or two for the concealer to actually come out but when it did and I put it on my under eye circle’s it went on very smoothly and I could actually blend it into my skin.  It brightened up my eyes and made it look like I was actually awake, and this was 11:00pm at night.
So safe to say, Maybelline is the WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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