Tough times.




 what most people forget about life is that it isn’t forever. Stopping to notice how we can over come our struggles and challenge’s in life. Take time to realize the good we have, and how lucky we are; even when we don’t feel like we have anything good in our life’s. Their is one simple thing that some or most people forget, what is that you might ask? When waking up in the morning from your slumber, do we stop to notice and recognize that our souls our renewed?  A new day to start fresh, take time out to say a little sentence, thanking G-d for the day you are blessed with. Even though you might wake up in a bad place, or a tough time in life. King David once stated “This to shall pass”. How can we apply this to our life’s? Knowing that life is like an ocean, with hard waves and soft gentle calm breezes spreading through out the beach. Life is tough and then it will become easy at some times and again its a cycle. Its not what happens to you,its how you handle what life (G-d) throw’s at you. We are given the strength to pass the challenge we are given with, if we did not have the strength then its not our time then the test will come later. Sometimes people don’t understand the potential they have until they dig deep inside and notice how they can utilize their skills, knowledge, and power a person can have. 
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” 

Shakespeare once quoted. 
We as humans have to look inside and realize how far we can strive in life until it’s time for us to go. 

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