Rimmel London Day 2 Night Mascara Review

Rimmel London Mascara Day 2 Night.

The story behind this Mascara, one beautiful morning I was in a hurry, rushing somewhere and needed mascara. I grabbed an this mascara and ran off to do my daily duties. I didn’t think to highly of this product and didn’t except to much so the next day when I applied this mascara I was surprised at the quality..It has a lot of product, goes a long way. It has one brush but two way’s you can use it. There are two different caps but one uses less mascara and pulls unnecessary product away so it comes out thinner this is the Length Cap in pink. The Black cap underneath it is Volume and doesn’t take that much away but is amazing when applying. This mascara actually lengthens & adds volume.
Here are some photo’s to show you before and after result’s.

This was before
I didn’t curl my eyelashes or put any product on before hand.


You can see such a difference on my lashes, this product is on my favorite list. Way to go Rimmel London!
This is sold in Right Aid, which is were I got it from and I have seen it in
other drug stores as in CVS, Walgreens and more. It sells at 7.99$.

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