Revlon Vs Wet n Wild Blush Review

Beyond Natural
Blush & Bronze
Wet n Wild
Silk Finish



I don’t even have to do a whole blogpost on these two. The Revlon Blush/Bronzer wins. The texture and formulation of this product is amazing, you really cannot compare these two.  I do feel like you really have to pack it in with the Blush brush applicator. The two colors work amazingly because the top would match the cheek’s and the bottom would even out the color of the skin, ( If your light skinned it is a very different story). Mixing the two colors give a very nice soft texture. 

The Wet n Wild Silk Finish has a more rougher texture and the fallout is horrible. My sister had purchased it because she was in a hurry and she just grabbed anything and when She and I had used it came out pretty good but it also gave off a little bit of sparkles when you apply it. It does give off a lot of product when you use it once, which means you have to tap it more than once to get the exact amount of product. I never used those little brushes that come with the blushes i feel like you have to apply it a little bit at t a time to get the look you want unlike the big brushes. Although a lot of blushes crack but the Wet n Wild cracked into the smallest piece’s ever! This is what it looked liked, my sister kept it but after a day or two the whole place was full of pink blush

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