L’Oreal Vs Maybelline

H.i.P Loreal

Today I have two palettes to review and ultimately let you guys know who the winner of this showdown will be. Maybelline Quad Eyeshadow Palette is called Charcoal smokes and Loreal H.i.P is called Striking. Both are great and have pretty much about the same thing to say.

The Maybelline Palette provides more color which can be used in a variety of ways, the possibilities are endless. It comes with two sponge applicators, I am assuming each side for a different color. The only problem shadow is the Dark Black one, it didn’t blend out like I wanted it to.

Loreal Eyeshadow is horrible, the color payoff is crappy, as harsh as this sounds. The color is stunning but it wouldn’t transfer onto the brush like it should. I really had to dig my brush into the shadow, dig into it aggressively to get the color payoff I wanted. I used this eye shadow when I was getting ready for a small gathering I was attending and quickly put it on. It came out amazing on me, but it had a lot of creases and didn’t look so nice from close up, but from far it appeared decent. One of my favorite colors is yellow so withouth even thinking I chose the vibrant yellow shadow.

‘This is the look I came up with. Guess which Eyeshadow I used! The Loreal H.i.P, I will post up on the blog on how i did it. (Sorry for my undone, messy eyebrows I am growing them out)

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