CoverGirl Vs L’Oreal Mascara Showdown

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
Loreal Carbon Black Telescopic Mascara
Cover girl is a really well formulated mascara, I have been using it for the past two years up until I my mom purchased the Telescopic mascara. I would sneak into her bathroom and use this mascara until I purchased my own and didn’t go back to the covergirl since.  It does take a while for the eyelashes to be fully coated they way you want it to be full and luxurious, with the Telescopic one it will amaze you instantly. Another good thing is that it will separate all your lashes and coat each one individually unlike telescopic which clumps all together which I have mentioned before. The Cover Girl is less messier because the Loreal has a wet formula, which means it  might get a little bit messy until it dries so beware.  So over all they are both really good mascara’s but Loreal wins!! 
Pro’s & Con’s 
  1. It is really smooth when you put it on your lashes.  
  1. It will make your eyelashes stand out and your eyes much more brighter than usual.  
  1. A few problems are that you have to wait a few seconds for the mascara to full dry, longer than usual.   
  1. And it smudges really easy so you have to be twice as careful when you have that product on!.  
  1. It will make your eyelashes stand out and your eyes much more brighter than usual. Another good thing which I noticed is that it comes off really easily, which I loved. 
  1.  Comes of smoothly without makeup remover, I didn’t have to stand in the bathroom for 10 minutes trying to take of my mascara with makeup remover, it comes of very smoothly and will not pull any of your lashes. From my own personal experience my eyelashes stayed in place most of the time.  

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