Pink Fluttery Dress

This drawing was made in June-11-09. So it is one of my older drawings. This is actually one of the best drawings when it came to drawing dress’s back then. I wasn’t so detailed back then into the face so i tried and then just finished it off with whatever I could. I wanted to go a little bit more into the teenager dress’s. The way the pink shines through in every aspect of the dress and a little bit of provocative side when it came to drawing the tights design. I love the way it came out because it hug’s and really defines the legs. The shoes aren’t so detailed because I just started off with Fashion design on my own so in a sense I taught it to myself, but I cannot take all the full credit, I have taken a view courses in fashion design by a F.I.T ( Fashion Institute of Technology) Graduate. I am unfamiliar with her name at the moment but she has taught me how the body needs to move gently and sway softly when they have to be drawn.  I was very stiff at the moment when it came to drawing like that because she had taught me that in 2007, 2 years down the line I kind of forget certain thing’s so from I have seen amazing artist’s and I learn from them! For a whole year straight I drew fashion nonstop!! I might’ve came out horribly and some pictures really disastrous, but I only gain knowledge and skill because Practice will make excellence one day! I also had training in this field by the Art instruction school and it has helped me out tremendously. I would be were I am today if it wasn’t for their amazing schooling and thought out lesson’s which helps the student’s succeed in every way possible!

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