Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation Review

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation
I bought it in the summer of 2008 and at first fell in love with it because that was all I used so the foundation grew on me. After a while I noticed it had a very sandy texture to it, a very think and sandy texture. This foundation lasted me a long time from the summer of 2008 around January or February of 2009. I used it on part’s of my face and then blending it out, I never fully applied unless I went to a party of some sort so I never fully felt out how thick the texture is. After I had finished it I was to busy to go out and buy a new one, but one of my friends bought it for herself after using mine, and I noticed that this foundation (Same exact shading, coloring, and brand) has also a very think sand texture to it. At one point my class was getting ready for a party and there was no room to do my makeup, so I did it on a mirror desk, fast and with my hands. And when I actually applied the foundation to my whole face it was the most thickest feeling a I have ever felt on my face. I have tried on different type’s of foundation’s and this is the most thickest of them all! My skin felt very heavy and I just wanted to take all the make up off!! But I couldn’t because the party was right around the corner so I ended up leaving it on. Once people saw me from a distance made me look flawless, but up close caky and looking as white as a ghost. It has amazing coverage and makes you look fantastic, but the texture and feeling it makes your face feel is not the best. So if anyone wants to buy this I am not stopping you from doing what you want to do, but from my own personal experience it wasn’t the best. I am currently using
Revlon Color stay Foundation
 And so far I like it. Notice the two major color difference’s. These aren’t my skin tones, just pictures to show which foundation it is.

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